1. bogleech:

    So back in 1968, Mel Birnkrant effectively invented action figures when he designed, sculpted and marketed the Outer Space Men. Forty years later he was commissioned to finally produce some of his un-used concepts, but decided to make them women! Back in the day, his bosses would’ve said no to female characters in a “boy’s” series.

    They’re a little, uh, proportioned? But whatever, let a 77 year old grandpa sculpt tentacle headed women with boobsocks and crotch bulges if he wants.

    Most of the Outer Space Men revival stuff is already sold out but a few things are left including Ohpromatem. She has both a skeleton head and a jumping spider head!

    I dunno about inventing action figures per se...G.I. Joe’s got four years on Outer Space Men. But, it’s pretty obvious which one is more awesome.

    And the 4H’s revival of Birnkrant’s toyline is probably one of my favorite toyline stories ever. There are so many cool lines that got cancelled with unproduced figures waiting to be released, and so few of them get to revisit that lost history. 

    The fact that Birnkrant got to finally see those old toys released, and even design some new ones, is just great. 

    I took some pics of the ones I own a while back.


  2. Jazz (Transformers Animated; Hasbro; 2008)

    You’ve gotta love Animated Jazz. When the Elite Guard shows up, he’s the only one who’s not on some pedestal of self-importance. The toy mimics the animation model with articulation to spare, and its transformation is fun and simple.

    This Jazz can do no wrong.


  3. More of the little buggers, also called “Patchisaurs.” (by Monster In My Pocket)


  4. These “Chinasaurs,” as they’re sometimes called, (by ridureyu1) were a big part of my childhood and it totally blew my mind when I found pictures of some of them in the original Monster Manual (Gary Gygax apparently owned a set and used them as inspiration for some of his monsters, particularly the Rust Monster and Bulette).
    I lost mine a long time ago and have been trying to find a set for years, but they don’t seem to show up in shops anymore. If anyone has some they’re looking to let go of, you know where to find me…


  5. Agumon, Piyomon, Patamon, Palmon (Digimon; Bandai; 1999)

    I’ve been re-watching Digimon Adventure recently on Netflix. I experienced the show multiple times in its dubbed form when it originally aired on Fox Kids, but I’ve never seen the original Japanese dub, so it’s like getting to see it for the first time all over again. 

    It’s a pretty great show, too. Good character development and excellent creature design.

    Unfortunately I only have four of the eight Digidestined partners in toy form, and I’m missing my favorites, Tentomon and Gomamon. I don’t actually even remember if Bandai made all eight in this format. Must investigate further…



  7. adelightfultedium:

    Swerve is here to serve! #DJW #copics #DerrickJWyatt

    Aww, I love it!


  8. Rodimus Prime & Kup (Transformers; Hasbro; 2006-2011)

    Here are the new versions of those two old dudes from yesterday.

    Rodimus is the ‘06 Classics toy with the Fansproject Protector armor. The only part of it I don’t love is the turret mode, which looks a bit jumbled to my eyes.

    But that’s a small complaint. I quite like how the rifle extension fits into Hot Rod’s exhaust gun and how the tips of Hot Rod’s spoiler stick out of little slots in the sides of the Winnebago mode. And the little Roller-esque guy is gravy. 

    Kup is cool too.


  9. superrobotpilot:



    ジュピ速 トランスフォーマーの画像を貼っていくよ2010

    Roddy’s Bizarre Adventure

    Every time I see this, I imagine Rodimus’ gun as a
    kick ass Fender Space Axe. Cause you know he’s about to shred “The Touch” all over the stage of intergalactic war and bring peace to the universe. Till all are one, Iacon!! Good Night!!

    This is the second time this has appeared on my dash, so I am again obligated to add…


  10. thegoddamnwordsmith:

    "Ugh, you just want to die for the guy. That’s leadership. Or brainwashing, or something.”
    "No, that is Optimus Prime.”

    Deluxe Drift and Crosshairs - Transformers: Generations - Age of Extinction







    only in headcanon


  11. siphersaysstuff:



    Rodimus Prime & Kup (Transformers; Hasbro; 1986)

    I knew you had potential, lad. 

    I think Kup is probably the best-designed figure of the Autobot toys designed specifically for the movie, closely followed by Hot Rod.

    Rodimus isn’t nearly as successful, with his strange squinty face and lanky proportions. But he’s iconic of the third season of the G1 ‘toon, and I’ll always love Rodimus for being exactly as flawed a character as Optimus was ideal. 

    And I can’t get enough of that winnebago mode.

    w1n1bg0 not trukk!

    Yeah, I love Rodimus, too.

    I dearly love that Kup has a pair of 5 1/4” floppy disk drives on his chest sticker. Because as it turns out, yes, those WERE incredibly outdated tech by 2005.

    (As it turns out, Kup’s not the only TF toy with a floppy drive detail on him… can you guess who the other one is?)

    Two disc drives, why, that’s enough for two Optimus Primes!

    That’s awesome, though, and a detail I never noticed. Fitting for an old codger like Kup. He probably doesn’t even use them but would argue for their merits over those new-fangled data drives any day.

    And I took a cursory glance over some of my G1 shelves and didn’t find any other disc drive details…hmmm…wonder who it could be…