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    …I do like the current Blue Beetle, but shooting Ted Kord in the head was maybe one of the dumbest things DC ever did. Also, the fact that these characters seem to exist directly in spite of the New 52 does me well.


  2. itswalky:

    Oh hey, lookit all those Recordicons, including stickers based on ones I made!

    (Hrm, apparently their SG Garboil and Howlback are this weird brown color, probably because they’re red but were only seen in blueish nighttime.  They’re the Crimson Sentries, goddammit!) 

    There’s even a Botch in there! Wow!


  3. Six-figure challenge: The Fate of the World is Up to These Guys…? edition

    A.K.A. “we’re boned” edition. Lord Dread and Krang serve as the Luthor-Brainiac leadership duo, Skullgrin is the brawn, Mantenna is the scout, Buzzer is the lunatic, and Skito shows up to meetings but is never really sure what he’s doing there. 

    OK that’s all for now. :)


  4. Six-figure challenge: Old School Edition

    Also wanted to do this with only vintage figures. Skids is still the leader and Fisto/Grimlock are still the beatsticks, but now Chuckles is the infiltrator, Spy Magician is the distraction, and Mutagen Man is the anti-hero who probably knows Some Dark Secret about the enemy. 

    One more coming. 


  5. Here’s my team for d-amazing's 6 figure challenge! 

    The leader is Skids, although he’d probably leave most of the order-barking to Duke. Grimlock and Fisto are the competing muscle, Samus is the infiltrator, and Ga’mede is the anti-hero. 

    (Duke isn’t really my favorite Joe, but I thought he’d look cool with these other figures.)

    I couldn’t resist making a couple more, which will arrive momentarily. 


  6. Battle Beasts (Hasbro; 1986)

    For some reason I’ve owned very few of these fantastic little guys. As a kid I had the one that was a purple elephant and the vehicle that was a ram with machine guns on its horns. 

    So I picked up a few of ‘em at a show recently, most without rub signs and all without weapons, just so this line could have some representation in my toy room. 

    My favorite is probably the octopus. 

    (Oh by the way, did you know that these guys were sort of a sub-set of the Transformers line in Japan? They were called “Beastformers” and even appeared in some episodes of The Headmasters.)


  7. Flash (G.I. Joe; Hasbro; 1982)

    Flash has the distinction of being one of the most visually memorable of the original 13 Joe figures released in 1982, with his red quilted armor, visored helmet and cool-as-hell experimental laser rifle. I’ve heard other collectors talk about how he served as the “gateway drug” into the Joe mythos.

    But he’s sort of unremarkable otherwise, isn’t he? In the comics he was just the guy with the laser, and in the cartoon everyone had lasers. 

    Anyway, still a very fun figure today even with the lack of elbow swivel. And yes I like it better than the 25th Anniversary update - even if that figure was one of the few from that series that I kept. 


  8. Replace with your favourites by type!


    Normal - Dunsparce
    Fighting - Emboar
    Flying - Honchkrow
    Poison - Nidoking
    Ground - Gliscor
    Rock - Tyrantrum
    Bug - Scizor
    Ghost - All???? But probably Aegislash
    Steel - Bisharp
    Fire - Chandelure
    Water - Jellicent
    Grass - Serperior
    Electric - Galvantula
    Psychic - Reuniclus
    Ice - Glalie
    Dragon - Flygon or Hydreigon
    Dark - Zoroark
    Fairy - Aromatisse

    (Source: pristinely-ungifted, via tyrantisterror)


  9. Evil Sorcerer Kelek and Bullywugs of the Bog (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons; LJN; 1982)

    D&D was popular enough in the early 1980s that it warranted its own toyline. LJN, now better known for making horrible video games, was actually a pretty great toy company (another line they made: Thundercats), and the D&D toys are quality. 

    Kelek’s cloth robes fit in such a way that he can make some great dramatic wizard poses, and I love his bright green staff (I’m missing the dagger he also came with). The bullywugs came from the cheaper, un-articulated PVC line, and though the paint apps are kinda bad, when else have kids been able to buy officially merchandised bullywugs?

    Probably never.


  10. okamidensetsu:

    Magella Attack SD Gashapon


    (via okamidensetsu)


  11. Night Viper (G.I. Joe: Retaliation; Hasbro; 2014)

    My childhood Joe collection consisted of a few of the brightly colored mid-1990s figures and a scattering of earlier figures scavenged from yard sales and fleamarkets. One of them was Night Viper, missing all of his parts except for his trademark visor, which itself was missing the scope attachment.

    To me he had a “laser visor,” because of course. (The little nub where the scope attached served as the laser.) That nostalgia was one reason I wanted this new Night Viper - that and the really cool design. Given all the cost-cutting in the Retaliation line, it’s a great figure.